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16 11 18

Supméca joins the ISAE Group

Signature of the membership of Supméca at ISAE Group

In 2018, Supméca joined the ISAE Group (Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space), the world leader in aerospace engineering higher education and research. The ISAE Group is composed of ISAE-SUPAÉRO, ISAE-ENSMA, the École de l’Air and ESTACA School.   A new turn for the ISAE Group Since its creation in 2011, the ISAE Group has […]

14 11 18

Water Space Suits: the Zero-G flight

Water Space Suit's coat of arms

Eight months after their selection for the CNES’ parabolic flights Campaign of 2018, the Water Space Suits (WSS) team of Supméca has finally reached its goal. It’s been a long journey, but a rewarding one. In early October, the whole team got the occasion to test their experience in a situation of weightlessness, abroad the […]