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23 11 20

7th International Conference on Advanced Machinery, Material Science and Engineering Application

  Call for papers   The 7th International Conference on Advanced Machinery, Material Science and Engineering Application, MMSE will be held 21-22th, June, 2021 in Hangzhou, China   You are cordially invited to submit an abstract by December 31, 2020.   The theme of the conference (not limited to): Applied Mechanics Mechatronics Systems, Advanced Manufacturing […]

11 01 19

Smart Structures and Materials – SMART 2019, abstract submission

Illustration Conference Smart 2019

The ninth European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS) thematic conference on Smart Structures and Materials (SMART) will be held from the 8th to the 12th of July 2019. For the first time since its creation, this thematicconference will take place in Paris at the École nationale supérieure des arts et métiers’ […]

11 01 19

Conference on Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies 2019

Emin Bayraktar, professor at Supméca, welcomes you to the The 22nd International Conference on Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies (AMPT2019) will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, during Oct. 20-24, 2019. You are cordially invited to submit a one page abstract by Jan. 31, 2019. For more detail information, please visit the conference website at: […]

11 01 19

2019 SEM Annual Conference and Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics

June 3 – 6, 2019 in Reno, Nevada, U.S.A. Special Session on Recycled Constituent Composites   The session on Recycled Constituent Composites includes processing and characterization of composites manufactured from recycled materials. These composites exhibit light weight and high strength, while having a low manufacturing cost. Industry has seen an increasing demand for high performance, […]

14 11 18

Dr. Katundi’s work recognized by the scientific community

Dr. Kathundi receives a prize for her work from the AMPT

From the 4th to 7th of September, at the Dublin City University, Ireland, took place the International Conference “Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies” (AMPT). For this occasion, Dr. Dhurata Katundi received a prize with the honors of the organizing committee for her work in powder metallurgy and more specifically the studies she realized with […]

14 11 17

Remarkable liquid materials called colloids stiffen under impact

Remarkable liquid materials called colloids stiffen under impact.

Researchers from l’ETH Zurich in Switzerland, from the California Institute of Technology in the USA and from Supméca in France have determined how certain liquids stiffen in response to powerful impacts such as the ones from firearms or micrometeorites. This work is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United […]

20 10 17

7th International Symposium on Aircraft Materials

Supméca is sponsoring the 7th edition of the International Symposium on AirCraft MAterials (ACMA 2018), to be held in April 24-26th 2018, Compiègne, France. ACMA is a series that started in 2007 and has progressed successfully over the years. All its past conference venues were located in Morocco (Agadir 2007, 2008, 2016; Marrakech 2010, 2014; […]

01 10 17

Young researchers and good vibrations at Supméca

Les Journées Jeunes Chercheurs en vibrations, Acoustique et Bruit (JJCAB) sont deux journées organisées pour les doctorants et post-doctorants dans les domaines de la mécanique vibratoire et acoustique. Elles auront lieu les 16 et 17 novembre à Supméca et au CNAM. C’est une conférence gratuite pour les doctorants et les post-doctorants présentant leurs travaux. Elle […]