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Research at Supméca


Research activities at Supméca are carried out by 83 in-house staff members, including 39 teachers-researchers and associates, 12 technical engineers, 45 doctoral candidates and 4 administrative staff members. They have been attached to the QUARTZ laboratory (no. EA 7393) since 2015, following the merger of the LISMMA (Supméca) laboratory that had personnel from the Paris 8 University, with the ECS-Lab (ENSEA) laboratory that had personnel from ECAM-EPMI, and the L@RIS (EISTI) laboratory.


Board of directors of the QUARTZ laboratory (no. EA 7379):

  • Director: Jean-Pierre BARBOT (ENSEA)
  • Deputy Directors: Marc ZOLGHADRI (Supméca) and Erik Taflin (EISTI)

The Supméca Research Directorate is in charge of supporting the development of collaborative projects (ANR – national research agency, FUI – unique inter-ministry fund, Horizon 2020…), handling relationships with local economic role players, authorities and competitiveness clusters, as well as managing academic, industrial, national and international relationships. The Research Directorate receives support from the Research Management Department, which is in charge of the administrative matters and financial management of the research activities conducted at Supméca. The Technical Department also provides technical support for all research activities.


Research topics

All research activities conducted at Supméca have been integrated into the QUARTZ laboratory (no. EA 7393) since 2015. They revolve around 5 key themes:


Industrial and scientific partnerships

Through its research activities, Supméca has built a great number of both academic and industrial partnerships, leading to funded projects on a regional, national or European level.

Through their various research studies, Supméca teams can claim having a great number of national academic partnerships (University of the Maine region, Technology University of Compiègne, etc.). , European partnerships (University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy of Sofia), and international ones (Federico II University in Naples, UEC Tokyo, Wels University in Austria, ENIS universities in Sfax and Sousse in Tunisia, etc.).

In addition to these academic partnerships, the teachers-researchers and technical staff members of the Supméca laboratory also work very closely with the industrial world by collaborating with various companies such as Dassault Systèmes, Alstom, Ariane Groupe, Bosch, Airbus Group, Renault, Safran, PSA, Valéo and more.

On a regional level, Supméca is a highly active academic partner for competitiveness clusters. As an example, Supméca has been actively involved with the MOV’EO and SYSTEM@TIC competitiveness clusters regarding the O2M (mechatronic modelling and design tools) and MIME (mechatronic simulation and integration module) projects, but also with ASTech Paris-Région for the MAIAS (control of damping induced in various structures) and CLIMA (design of mechanical dampening linkage solutions) projects, or with Cosmetic Valley in the EUGENE project.

On the national and European levels, Supméca also takes part in calls for projects, through programs conducted by the National Research Agency, the European Commission (H2020) and more.


Foreign teachers-researchers

Supméca regularly welcomes doctoral candidates and teachers-researchers from France and abroad.

Logistical assistance is provided by the International Relations Department to help with the necessary procedures and formalities, as well as housing searches.